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Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love and Beauty. She made mortals and gods alike swoon for her. Men wanted to be with her; women wanted to be her; gods wanted to possess her. Aphrodite had many lovers, and enjoyed many passionate affairs. She refused to be owned by anyone, even by her own husband Hephaestus (with whom she was forced into marriage by her father Zeus. And even then, Aphrodite wasn’t the typical married wife; nor was she faithful to anyone but her own whim). By many measures, Aphrodite was one of the first feminists.

So, what exactly, was Aphrodite’s secret? Sure, she was supposed to be drop-dead gorgeous. According to Greek myth, flowers sprang from beneath her feet when she touched the beaches of Cyprus. Assuming that flowers don’t spring up each time we step, ladies, how exactly are we supposed to follow in Aphrodite’s path?

Knowing that there are many, many definitions of beauty, please allow me to offer an additional one:  I believe that buried within each and everyone of us burns Aphrodite’s passion for love, romance and excitement. Once properly tapped, we exude that innate beauty that is bestowed on us women. Strength, inner beauty, physical beauty, contentment, an easy laugh, and an openness to life are a partial list of how to feel and look more beautiful.

During my seven year journey in Cyprus, I grew privy to the beautification rites of these passionate Mediterranean women. I will share the tips and tricks I learned that turned these mere mortals into goddesses of their lands. From waxing and threading to Turkish hamams and hot oils; there are many day to day tricks that every woman should know.

Return to your sensual side by following in Aphrodite’s Path.

Discover your inner Aphrodite. . .

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