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Cold weather drying out your skin? Make your Face *Glow* with a D-I-Y Facial Mist

Mediterranean women know the secret to youthful skin: plenty of water and oil. This is my first winter back in the States after 7 winters in mild Mediterranean climates. My time is split between Cyprus and the Western part of Virginia. The high temperature in Virginia today will be 28 Fahrenheit (-3 Celsius). Yikes! This constant change in weather between mild, temperate to cold, blustery has put my skin in a tailspin. My hands, lips are chapped and my face is tight, not dewy and pliable. I’m going to share with you a quick, inexpensive trick to keeping that gorgeous goddess face of yours moist, light and smelling oh-so-right throughout the year.

I picked up my supplies at two stores: local natural products/holistic store and The Dollar Store.

The Goddess’ D-I-Y Facial Spray

What you’ll need:

  • Spray bottle (The Dollar Store has a 3-pack for, that’s right, $1)
  • 8 Drops of Almond oil (natural food store)
  • 10 Drops of your favorite smelling essential oil (natural food store)
  • Water (I use my Brita filtered water)



I spent about 20 minutes in the natural food shop smelling the various types of essential oils that fit my personality. As I explained in my previous post, Mediterranean women eat and drink lots of citrus fruit daily, especially in the winter. I do this myself (I go through at least 1 – 2 lemons daily in my water plus 1 – 2 oranges and/or grapefruits per day in the winter. High levels of vitamin C from citrus fruits melt excess fat in your body.

Additionally, to fight dry skin the sallow colors that come in the winter from not enough sunshine, I recommend making your own facial mist with a citrus-based essential oil. I saw lemon, tangerine, orange, and grapefruit. I personally love the smell of grapefruit – it smells so clean and fresh.


I chose Grapefruit oil for its high levels of Vitamin C, which is known to have several key health & skin benefits:

  • Enjoys high levels of antioxidants
  • Brightens skin naturally
  • Makes your skin more resilient
  • Increases the production of collagen
  • Smells great!


  • Combine all of the above ingredients into the spray bottle and shake gently. I use a little extra grapefruit essence because I love the smell.
  • Spritz liberally on your face whenever you need a bit of pick me up!


Add to your favorite bling bag and spritz frequently!

Drop me a note and let us know what’s your favorite essential oil fragrance.

Live like a Goddess, my friends!

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