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    Home-brewed Artichoke Tea

    Hello goddesses, I’ve got a secret to share: I’m semi-obsessed with tea. Coffee is going out of flavor for me lately. I think it was too many days in the Mediterranean, sucking…

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    Citrus Tahini Dressing

    Citrus Tahini Dressing One of my favorite things to do is zazz up a simple (boring) green salad or humble tabbouleh salad with a sultry, spicy, sweet kick. Plus, it’s a great…

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    Lebanese Bulgur Salad

    Lebanese Bulgur Salad I think of this wholesome, one pot, warm bulgur “salad” as being a suped-up version of  tabbouleh. I love the fact that this meal is all chopped, thrown in…

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    Omelette with a Turkish Twist

    One of my favorite, quick, dirty meals is an omelette. What I found most interesting living in the Mediterranean, was the use of eggs. Sure, an occasional boiled one was found on…

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    La Vie en Rosewater

    La Vie en Rosewater In the Mediterranean we try to use all natural products with a deep history of its beneficial uses, instead of relying on man or factory-made ones. This was,…

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    Pucker up with tart, sweet Pomegranate Molasses

    First published on C’ville Weekly You are probably familiar with the powerful antioxidant punches of the almighty pomegranate. Loaded with phytonutrients, pomegranates lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and increase the speed of…