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Are Probiotics the New/Old Anti-Depressant?


Researchers at the University of Virginia (wahoo-wah!) School of Medicine have discovered a fascinating link between increased probiotics and reducing the symptoms of depression in mice. It’s all very new and quite exciting. Specifically, the probiotic  strain Lactobacillus, found in the live cultures of good quality yogurt, have shown to improve gut health, relieve anxiety behaviors in laboratory mice. What’s really cool? Is there is NO REASON to believe that this won’t translate into the same benefits in human beings, according to lead researcher Dr. Alban Gaultier.

And here I was all this time thinking the reason that the reason people seem happier in the Mediterranean was a function of sunshine (think Vitamin D intake), spending more time in meaningful relationships (cultivating family & friend ties), a deeper sense of purpose through Faith & Spirituality,  and a better work/life balance! I consider these my 5 Pillars of Goddess living. Read all about them here:

Changing your diet may not only be beneficial for your waistline, but also for your mood!

I absolutely love this, because it makes sense, doesn’t it? When you are in pain, are you not agitated? I certainly am. It makes sense that if your belly is agitated internally, then it manifests into anxiety and pain externally. Our extremely sophisticated bodies are linked between body, mind and soul.

Before you go buy your next tub of Dannon, be certain to read those labels! I have seen “yogurt” being sold on the shelf that is nothing more than thick milk, strained of water, preservatives and sugar, with absolutely no live cultures! Don’t be a fool and read those labels! My favorite yogurt brands are the following:

  • Fage
  • Chobani
  • Brown Cow (love the cream on top)
  • Green Mountain

For a great list of the best/worst yogurts on the market check out Eat This/Not That’s site:

A word of caution: Please do NOT pick up the flavored yogurts! It may be tempting, but it is full of sugar and not at all what a goddess such as yourself deserves! Pick up a yogurt with as many live strains as possible, and do not pass the expiration date

In the Old Country, we eat our yogurt nearly daily, and it is always on the table. Thick, creamy – no one would even consider getting a low fat, zero fat yogurt. We also prefer to eat our yogurt sans the sugar, and with a savory twist. Check out my recipe for Authentic Goddess-Style Tzatziki that can be whipped up in under 5 minutes:

To read the entire medical report that has this Mediterranean Goddess super excited to know she’s on the right track for both belly and mental well-being, follow along here:

Here’s to your Health! Live well, fellow goddesses!

Discover your Inner Aphrodite. . .


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