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Islanders Have Nothing to Do, so they Do One Another


Why Islanders Have More Sex



This may be one of the best well-kept secrets of island living: we are *horny* here. Not like a little bit horny, but straight out, teenage-frenzy-horny. Have you ever noticed that you feel a bit more,ahem, amorous while on a beach vacation? Maybe it’s the sun, sand, and alcohol (a less-than-holy trinity), but the killer combo makes most people impossible to resist a flirty glance, a stolen kiss, or, if you’re lucky, a bit more.

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Now take those stolen, sweaty moments and expand it into days, nights, weeks, months, and possibly years. There are plenty of times for the unholy of sanctions to strike. And that is exactly what is happening on my rock. All. The. Time.

I’ve got a few possible explanations as to why we islanders get in-between the sheets more than the average colder climate dwellers…

The Weather

Yes, this one is really quite obvious. As mercury rises, pheromones release, sending us all into the friskiest of moods. There’s something about ladies in short dresses, bare skin, and sweat beading (because it’s so stinking hot) that has men slinking through the streets like alley cats looking for food.

We Come Alive at Night

To deal with the relentless sun, we sleep by day and play by night. With the nighttime comes locally-produced (read: cheap) beer, wine, and liquor. While northern friends may flock to the rock to escape cold, blistery days, we island-dwellers shrink from the relentless sun and then come alive by night. The nighttime living turns into nighttime loving, once alcohol is introduced into the mix, especially if we have all this excess energy to be consumed due to our lethargic, sunny daylight hours.

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Vacation Brain

It’s the vacation state of mind. The perma-vaca mood that permeates the islanders has many locals and expats alike howling at the full moon. We can’t help it. There’s a relaxed vibe that does not translate in higher latitudes. With both brains and bodies in chill-mode, we return to our natural animal-mode. We are blessedly stripped from typical Western cultural norms, business attire, and polite banter/behavior.

But while I can go on and on about the weather, the nightlife, and the holiday-mindset, do you want to know the real reason why islanders get it on so much?

There’s nothing else to do.

Really. It’s that simple. In America, where I’m from, we were constantly climbing the corporate ladder, or training for a marathon, or helping in a charity, or starting a business, or taking a child to tennis/track/violin/you-name-it. On our rock, we have no large corporations. Non-profits are feeding a stray dog or cat. And absolutely no one would be stupid enough to train for a triathlonhalf of the year (it’s simply too hot). So a better form of exercise is… you get the picture.

And there you have it: plenty of time on your hands, no high pressure aspirations for a killer career or a multi-million dollar venture, scant clothing or modesty, plenty of alcohol-imbibing, and nocturnal living. This is why islanders – at least on my rock – are having more sex.

How about on your rock? Have you noticed an exorbitant amount of busy-ness between the sheets in the absence of business on the streets?

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Originally published on 8/25/16 on Women Who Live on Rocks A little more tongue and cheek than the usual drink Hibiscus tea ( or how to make a rocking Spanokopita ( I hope you all enjoy it!


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  • Reply Kathleen at August 26, 2016 at 3:02 PM

    Love this! I think I could use an island vacation right now.

  • Reply donna werstler August 26, 2016 at 7:52 AM

    I enjoyed this story and could so very well get into island life. Unfortunately, it’s just not in my immediate plans. But, I’d love it. In VA, we’re (I’m) sadly watching summer slowly fading away, since school began, Labor Day is next weekend and the evenings are becoming cooler. And, I’m not ready. “NO!” I could have summer year around. Settle me somewhere on a beach and I’d be happy, happy, happy!

  • Reply Lois August 25, 2016 at 12:14 PM

    Take the pressure off and it’s easy to get off. 😉

  • Reply Loubna August 25, 2016 at 11:09 AM

    Go Girl!

    The island of Aphrodite lives up to its promises.

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