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Bob Harper goes Mediterranean

You guys remember Bob Harper, right? The personal trainer to Oprah Winfrey-turned-celebrity? He hosted Biggest Loser for 17 seasons and was the epitome of health. Tattooed, tough arms sprung from a chiseled chest. Lean legs and cut calves. But surprisingly, Bob was only 51 when he suffered a heart attack in February 2017. He acknowledges he is lucky; Bob thankfully survived the heart attack. His number one change was not walking more or pumping more iron. His first change was a return to the roots: a return to the Mediterranean Diet.

Bob’s cardiologists (and hundreds of doctors, nutritionists alike agree) recommend a Mediterranean Diet. My fellow goddesses, we are all in the right spot. Link up to my recipes site for authentic Mediterranean meals that are easy to prepare.

If you have a question, drop me a comment below or an email. I love hearing from you!

A true Mediterranean diet is prepared simply with fresh ingredients. The primary focus is on vegetables, not protein or carbohydrates. We Mediterranean goddesses know a diet rich in vegetables and fruit are naturally filled with high volumes of water, that keeps eyes, skin and blood vessels clear from impurities. Use only the freshest ingredients, and when possible, locally sourced and produced food items. It helps promote your local community, and the produce is typically fresher, more nutrient-rich, as they are not slowly withering away being shipped.

Mediterranean sauces are simple. Repeat after me: olive oil & lemon & garlic or olive oil & tomatoes & garlic. Your choice. Stick with this combo for dressing your salads, your meats, your vegetables. Don’t be shy to experiment. Make vegetables your staple.

If you need to count how many vegetables you have eaten, then you haven’t eaten enough

Don’t believe me? Check out Web MD’s reason to switch over to a Mediterranean Diet

In 2017, I hope you are continuing to live in the moment, to live healthy and clean, and to live like a goddess.

Unleash your Inner Aphrodite . . .


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  • Reply Kathleen March 29, 2017 at 5:27 PM

    What a great post, Claudia! You’re right that eating well is crucial to put health, snd every once in awhile I need a reminder to get back on track. So thanks for being my reminder today.

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